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Standard Duplo Open Toe Shoe


The different models of open-toed Duplo Composite Horseshoes have been developed for the treatment of chronic laminitis. However, the daily routine has shown that the open-toed models are not only ideal for laminitis hooves but also in case of some other therapeutic indications.

The open toe area of the horseshoe promotes an early breakover and minimizes the leverage forces in the toe area of the hoof. Besides, if necessary, you can shorten the toe more considerably than you could with a regular horseshoe.

The front bar is shaped exactly like the dorsal rim of P3 – contrary to a straight bar, there won’t be any painful punctual pressure exerted on the rim of P3 if you place the horseshoe correctly on the hoof.

Every open-toed Duplo model is equipped with an integrated synthetic grid sole so you can use liquid or kneadable padding material. Spare padding material can exit through the holes of the grid and won’t exert uncomfortable pressure on the sensitive sole.

Weight Reduction

The weight of an open-toed Duplo horseshoe (without quarter clips and screw threads) is below that of a regular reversed horseshoe without bar and with a light inserted synthetic sole. Both the musculoskeletal system and the hoof wall benefit from the reduced weight.

Careful: If you want to use the open-toed Duplo for the treatment of chronic laminitis, we urgently recommend participating in an advanced training course and collaborating with the responsible veterinarian. Each horseshoe is only as good as its user!


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