Glue On Horseshoes made with Glue On Tabs


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Glue on Tabs create Glue On Horseshoes


Duplo Composite Horseshoes can be transformed into Duplo Composite Glue On Horseshoes via application of glue on tabs. Plastic welding attaches the glue on tabs by the process of plastic welding with heat gun. Application requires a reducing tip. Heat the shoe surface and tab first until both surfaces are shiny. Next, weld the glue on tab onto to the shoe as you move down the side of the shoe. Finally, when the application is complete roll the entire welded surface around a cool surface to create a secure weld.

Cut the tabs into desired sections for use on clipped shoes, Open Toe shoes, or special application. For use on a basic standard or extra model measure from the center of the shoe to the heel and cut off excess at the heel region. Adjust the height of the tabs by simply cutting off the excess length. The tabs are pre fabricated to be taller in the toe region and taper down towards the heel.

Benefits of Glue on Shoes:

  • Shoe application with missing hoof wall.
  • Sensitive hooves.
  • Laminitis application with the Open Toe shoe.
  • Partial glue on tab application for special cases.

Instructional video guide for the application of glue on horseshoes created by plastic welded tabs is located under the instructional tab videos. The removal of the glue on horseshoes is done by starting at the top of each tab and lifting the tab of with a small flat edge. If the is at the end of the shoeing cycle the glue will starting to crack due to the hoof growth and removal is easier. Please refer to the videos for demonstration.

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