Grip Studs® Installation Tool


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Installation Tool

Grip Studs® are small-sized spikes that are not screwed into prefabricated threads. Instead, they are directly drilled into the plastic material of the Duplo horseshoe with this specific adapter. Spikes are very versatile and are regarded as preliminary stage to bigger studs.


We generally use two spikes per horseshoe and place them below the heels. In many cases, this simple procedure provides for sufficient anti-slide protection.

In order to use spikes in the heel area, we recommend the following equipment:

  • a waterproof felt pen
  • a cordless screwdriver with speed regulation
  • a wood drill bit of 5 mm with centering point
  • a spike adapter for the screwdriver
  • and, of course, a sufficient number of spikes (size L).

First, you use your pen to highlight the desired position of the spikes on the bottom side of the horseshoe. There are three aspects to consider:

  1. For production-related reasons, there are two holes of about 8 mm in the heel area. These holes are not suitable for spikes.
  2. The spikes should be placed below the hoof wall to avoid pressuring the sole or the frog.
  3. At the same time, be careful to keep enough space between the spikes and the rim of the horseshoe in order to keep the spikes from pulling out.