Grip Studs® – Single Piece


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Grip Studs®

Single Piece including GST

Grip Studs® are small-sized spikes that are not screwed into prefabricated threads. Instead, they are drilled directly into the synthetic material of the Duplo composite horseshoe and prevent slipping and sliding on ice in bad winter conditions. Spikes are very versatile and are regarded as preliminary stage to bigger studs.

The self tapping spikes are drilled directly into the plastic material of the Duplo shoe, therefore you need a specific adapter. Ideal setting is with the top spike thread flush to the shoe surface. Do not countersink the spike in too far.

Careful: Regular grip studs (size L) are too large for the toe area of the STS horse shoes (size M needed). Please keep in mind to choose the fitting grip stud size for your horse shoes!

Careful: The application of the grip studs is only possible with a suitable adapter.

Shoe with Grip Studs

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