Standard Horseshoe with Clips + Threaded for Studs




Standard Duplo Composite Horseshoe with Clips Threaded for Studs


Thanks to its material and its profiled surface, the Duplo Composite Horseshoe is well protected against slipping. But there are situations in which an additional skid-proof equipment is necessary. That’s why some Duplo models are equipped with two threads in their heel area which can be used with screw studs.

The screw threads of the regular Duplo models are fixated in the synthetic material of the horseshoe. They can be used with studs of 4 mm and 6 mm. If you want to use larger studs, we recommend horseshoes with their threads firmly attached to the metal inlay – that is particularly the Duplo Jumper which has been developed for the requirements of show jumping horses and which even has four screw threads.

Features of the standard Duplo Composite Horseshoe with Clips Threaded for Studs:

  • Choice of 4 mm or 6 mm studs. (Recommend loctite to secure studs)
  • Gripstuds can be applied to the toe region for maximum traction option.
  • No extra modification needed for basic traction.
  • Quarter clips provide stability while nailing.
  • Quarter clips reduce shoe torsion in sport, excess growth, and with limited hoof wall for nailing.
  • Orange inlay of plastic knobs on the sole surface to reduce torsion on the hoof.
  • Round and Oval shape for easier modification of the fit.
  • Plastic rim reduces debris and snow accumulation under the shoe.
  • Large variation of sizes to accommodate the variety of horses.

Modifications available to the standard Duplo Composite Horseshoe with Clips Traction Profile

  • Widen or narrow the metal inlay to fit the hoof.
  • Grind or nipper/rasp the plastic to fit the back of the hoof.
  • Remove orange plastic knobs if placement is on the hoof sole.
  • Remove or thin the plastic rim to accommodate the sole height.
  • Rocker toe the metal inlay for therapeutic application.
  • Bevel the break over into the plastic toe region to reduce leverage.
  • Plastic weld glue on tabs to any model.
  • Removal of one or both clips if needed.

Additionally, reference the instructional videos for demonstrations. The contact page  is available for technical support. Further more the custom build page shows examples of how the shoe is shaped or modified. Duplo Composite Horseshoes have stability and flexibility matched to the hoof. The standard clipped model with traction threads for studs is used for prevention of pathology, therapeutic settings, and where more shoe traction is needed. The clipped shoes with traction profile can be applied with nails or glue on tabs and because of the clips less nails are needed. The hoof wall is first notched out for the clip and then hammered into the hoof to set the clip. Consequently there is no hot fitting the shoe!

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