Screw in Studs (Set of 4)


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Screw in Studs for Standard Duplo Composite Horseshoe with Clips Threaded

(Set of 4) available in 4 mm and 6 mm including GST

If smaller Grip Studs, which work great on ice, are not enough protection from slipping and sliding in mud, slush, snow and bad winter conditions, we recommend bigger screw in studs. The screw threads of the regular Duplo models are located in the heel area and fixated in the synthetic material. They are suitable for M8 studs of 4 mm and 6 mm.

Each stud of 4 mm and 6 mm is equipped with a washer which spreads the punctual pressure of the stud on a larger surface. This is more comfortable for the horse. The washer also improves the stability of the thread insert.

Careful: The studs with washer are not suitable for Duplo Horseshoes with ring-shaped metal inlay such as the Duplo Jumper! If you need more traction or would like to use 4 studs per shoe check out our Jumper models with the matching screw in studs for the Duplo Jumper version.

The studs are sold in a set of 4. This will be enough studs for 2 shoes or 1 pair.


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